Terms and Conditions of Sale


1. Noble Strategy, provides the following payment methods as: Online stores, Fax, Regular and electronic mail. Order notes should be directed to our Commercial Department, and must metion the following elements: 

-Identification of the company or organization (name, address, telephone number, tax number, ...)
- Declaration of acceptance of our particular conditions of supply, presented in our proposal / online store, or in general terms in this document of General Conditions of Sale.

2. If you want to pick up the package in our facilities, you must mention it in the order, otherwise Noble Strategy will send the shipment via the carrier to the indicated address for this purpose (in the absence of another one it will continue to we are presented as headquarters), against the delivery chargse amount.

3. Opening hours of our company:
Monday to Friday: from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., and from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m..

II. Prices
1. The prices presented in our price list are valid for ready payment and do not yet include VAT and may be changed without early warning.
2. Credit notes will never be issued if there are any price changes after goods invoicing.

III. Payment Methods
1. The goods delivery, will only be made, upon payment according to the conditions agreed and expressed in the invoice.
2. For new customers and first orders, we apply the following payment conditions: in the online store, with the adjudication in cash, via bank transfer, check or when the equipment is delivered.

3.For all orders under € 100, an administrative expenses fee of € 10 + VAT may be charged.

IV. Property reservation
The property of the articles provided will only be passed for the customer after full payment (s), plus any possible interest and / or indemnity, if applicable.

 If the customer don't do the invoice payment (s) on the due date, Noble Strategy will have the right to require late payment interest until the full payment of the debt, to the maximum annual rate established by Law. In the event of default, the client shall also pay to Noble Strategy the expenses and charges arising from the judicial collection of the debt, and may charge the payments made by the customer, first to clear the customer's preexisting debts, then to the collection and interest expenses and finally, to the real value of the debt.

VI. Shipping
1. The shipping costs, according to the applicable price tariff, whose publication is annual, regardless of the reason, are always at the customer's expense.
2. All material or equipment that is sent to us, regardless of the reason, must be delivered to our warehouse, otherwise, if the Customer decides to use the Post Office or any other type of transport that does not deliver "at the door", we are not responsible for any kind of delay or damage, since we do not have our own collection services.
3. The shipping costs to the customer of repaired devices at the Technical Assistance Laboratory are on behalf of Leica Geosystems (only valid for Continental Portugal, for the Islands, the costs will be borne by the Customer).
4. All goods in transit after leaving our warehouse travels at the customer's risk. Optionally you can contract insurance, and for this purpose you must make the formal request in writing and bear the appropriate charges.
5 If eventually detect any irregularity or visible damage to the packaging, you MUST report this fact to Noble Strategy, and should immediately record this on the transport guide presented to you by the carrier before you signing it. Effectively, the complaints relating to the transported goods, are only accepted within 48 hours after delivery of the same. So the customer whenever  receives our shipments should: confirm the number of packages and verify if this number coincides with the number indicated on the transport guide; check the good condition of all volumes; any transportation problems like damaged packaging or that indicates damage, maltratment or packaging violation, should be reported on the Carrier's Conveyance Guide - Conditional Acceptance.

VII. Delivery times
The delivery date of the purchased goods will be in accordance with our proposal and must always be confirmed when the formal order is sent.

VIII. Warraty

Leica Geosystems responsability
- See the attached document of Leica Geosystem's international limited warranty , and the Leica Geosystems Software License.

IX. Returns
All Leica Geosystems products sales, are supported by a set of binding documents (order from the online store or a previous budget is sent to our customers, and a formal order form, where the Client awards the supply of the intended materia ), which constitute a contract between Noble Strategy and the Customer. During this trading period, are accurately calculated the list of equipment / material intended and respective supply price, and for that reason, , refunds are only accepted if Noble Strategy chooses to accept them, and only under the following conditions:
1. If it is fulfilled out up to a maximum period of 5 working days after delivery, and properly justified and approved by the Leica Geosystems.
Besides, the equipment must find as new (in perfect preservation state and complete, in the original packaging, and with all manuals, cables, accessories, boxes, etc.)
2. Returns of accessories and equipment worth less than € 500 are not accepted.
3. All returns are subject to a charge of € 100 for administrative expenses, handling and repacking.

X.  Accessories or devices use of other brands:

We are not responsible for the malfunction of the Leica Geosystems equipment, neither possible damages caused to them, whenever the customer chooses to use third-party accessories, unauthorized, in particular: magnetic data carriers, batteries, cables and others. In the event that the equipment is within the warranty period, these situations constitute reason for possible loss of the same.

Before starting operation with any Leica Geosystems equipment, it is required to read the respective MANUALS that accompany it,paying particular attention to the chapters "CARE AND TRANSPORTATION" and "SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS".